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WARNING LIVE Feeding | Tarantula (Spider) Birdeater

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If you suspect to have been bitten by such a spider, it is good to keep a close watch on how the condition of the affected area evolves. There should be no pain felt at the beginning, as reactions only appear within two or up to eight hours after the bite. Contact the doctor immediately should there be any increased discomfort, and do not let the bite untreated if its condition gets worse! Mating is dangerous for the funnel web spider as the females are very aggressive, this is why the male funnel web spiders have to hold them with the spurs on the second legs. For the protection of its eggs the female funnel web spider will bite fiercely, hence this is the period during which the chances of getting bitten are the highest. In order to avoid direct contact with spiders indoors, you can use special sticky traps that will drastically lower the risk of being bitten by a venomous species. For such cases spider identification is not necessary; but we cannot say the same thing about the widow spiders that require the immediate use of an anti-venom. Without detailed analysis, a correct identification cannot be performed, and it is usually for the professionals to succeed in such daring attempts. The mating period of trapdoor spiders coincides with the wet season when the males get out searching for a mate. Like with other spider species, the female sometimes eats the male, but the latter often escapes being eaten and manages to mate with several females before dying. However, people who have been bitten may expect to experience headaches and a general feeling of malaise. Sometimes, even vision problems have been reported, but under such circumstances you should contact the doctor right away and receive professional help. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to stay calm since anxiety adds up to the severity of the symptoms and that is surely the last thing you'd like to do. Last but not least, certain spider species are a real threat to humans by the damage their venom can do to us. Scientists are the one directly interested in the correct identification of certain spider species, nevertheless, for the average man, knowledge in the field can save one a lot of trouble. When you are able to identify spider species correctly, the risk of getting bitten out of personal negligence is a lot lower; moreover, in case you do get bitten, you can provide valuable information about the species, thus making treatment a lot easier. 

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