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In terms of gender relationships, male spiders are famous for being killed right after intercourse, or at least this is the general myth people know. Relatively smaller than the females, the male spiders of certain exotic species are indeed sacrificed for the perpetuation of their breed. Nevertheless, this is not a general rule as in most cases, both males and females survive the encounter. Trapdoor Spiders Coastal and highland Australia is the favorite habitat of trapdoor spiders, a spider species that perfectly suits the description of the multi-legged predator. The favorite pray of trapdoor spiders includes grasshoppers, moths, crickets, but they don't back off when it comes to having small birds and scorpions for their meals too. Mating is dangerous for the funnel web spider as the females are very aggressive, this is why the male funnel web spiders have to hold them with the spurs on the second legs. For the protection of its eggs the female funnel web spider will bite fiercely, hence this is the period during which the chances of getting bitten are the highest. Fortunately, the latter are far more numerous than the former, as poisonous spiders are spread only in certain globe areas, and sometimes they have warning features that sets them apart. In North America for instance, poisonous spider identification is a thumb rule for anyone living close to such creatures; there are not too many species of the kind, hence, once you learn how to set them apart you can relax and feel a lot safer. Even in North America there are three different types of the black widow spider and their classification is made according to the geographical area where they live: there is the northern black widow, the southern black widow and the western black widow; thus the species is widely spread from the south of Canada to Mexico. It is actually very likely to take a skin infection with a staphylococcus for a brown recluse spider bite, hence it is good to know that such injuries are rare and accidental. Brown recluse spiders are small, with an overall adult size that does not go beyond twelve millimeters; males are small then females, but they have slightly larger feet. 

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