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The female black widow spider is more venomous than the male, and it is she the biggest threat to predators. Nevertheless, the red color helps the males too in order to send the same threatening message as the female. While the males move freely in their habitat, the females usually spend their entire lives in just one place, as they very seldom leave their nests. Unlike other regular spider species, the camel spider is both carnivorous and omnivorous: it basically feeds on other arthropods, but it is not uncommon for the camel spider to devour larger prey such as lizards. Lots of videos with the camel spider cutting its prey into pieces and then consuming it, have been uploaded on the Internet. Not all spider bites are dangerous, since the majority of spider species are totally harmless for humans; with the exception of a few venomous ones, the rest are pretty safe. When a spider bites you, the first thing to do is trying to identify the species, if it be possible; knowing what type of spider bit you may be crucial in case an anti-venom has to be used. Yet, things are not that simple since a mere exposure to the venom of this spider can trigger a whole range of very unpleasant reactions. As it seldom happens for a person to suffer from a brown recluse spider bite, many doctors have difficulties in diagnosing certain symptoms that accompany it, very often such a bite can be even taken for a staphylococcus skin infection that is very similar in manifestation and symptoms. Poisonous Spiders Many people have a phobia when it comes to spiders; hairy legs, devious traps, innocent victims : this is the picture that they usually imagine. This unjust pattern is not justified since even the most poisonous spiders will not attack a human unless they felt threatened. All spiders need to inject venom in order to survive, it is in the nature of their species and one of the life mechanisms they have been endowed with; what really differs from one species to another and gives rise to the classification into poisonous and non-poisonous is the amount of venom and its toxicity. The favorite pray of trapdoor spiders includes grasshoppers, moths, crickets, but they don't back off when it comes to having small birds and scorpions for their meals too. The size of trapdoor spiders is not larger than three centimeters for the body, with the females clearly dominating the males in this respect. 

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