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Black Widow, The Best Pet Spider?

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The administration of specific medication can only be done by authorized medical personal and when the circumstances indicate a toxic venom exposure. Contact a health care provider immediately if you've been bitten by a spider and you experience fever, nausea, swelling of the tissues and severe pain. Inevitably, you will get into contact with a spider sooner or later, either indoors or outdoors; the general tendency is to destroy their nests inside of our homes since we associate cob webs with a messy and unclean area. Last but not least, certain spider species are a real threat to humans by the damage their venom can do to us. For such cases spider identification is not necessary; but we cannot say the same thing about the widow spiders that require the immediate use of an anti-venom. Therefore, spider identification can be crucial when you need to be able to apply the right treatment without any further delay. Spiders that live outdoors are more difficult to identify due to the large number of species both harmful and venomous. It is actually very likely to take a skin infection with a staphylococcus for a brown recluse spider bite, hence it is good to know that such injuries are rare and accidental. Brown recluse spiders are small, with an overall adult size that does not go beyond twelve millimeters; males are small then females, but they have slightly larger feet. Warmth and humidity make the perfect habitat for the funnel web spider, nevertheless, they also suffer from heavy rains that destroy their burrows. In the aftermath of such events, the funnel web spider redoubles its level of activity so as to get its life back on track. The size of the species varies from 1.5 to 4.5 centimeters for the body length; they are mono-color, dark brown usually, without any patterns at all. Nevertheless, there is one other element that clearly makes the recognition of the brown recluse spider possible. One identification method used by scientists consists in checking how many pairs of eyes the species has; the brown recluse spider has only three pairs of eyes, unlike most other spiders that have four. 

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