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Feeding my ADORABLE jumping spiders! Phidippus regius Update

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In the United States, hobo spiders are considered a real danger since their bite can cause severe necrosis; nevertheless, the reported cases are pretty rare, as the most likely symptoms to appear include local pain, itching and swelling of the bitten area. Aloe vera, ice chips and antibiotics applied on the bite are thought to reduce the discomfort and speed up healing; yet, none of them is considered a 100% reliable remedy for hobo spider bites. This unjust pattern is not justified since even the most poisonous spiders will not attack a human unless they felt threatened. All spiders need to inject venom in order to survive, it is in the nature of their species and one of the life mechanisms they have been endowed with; what really differs from one species to another and gives rise to the classification into poisonous and non-poisonous is the amount of venom and its toxicity. Identifing a Spider Without any exaggeration, when you know how to identify spider varieties, you could actually be one step closer to saving your skin . Anyone who can recognize spider species, will be able to avoid getting exposed to their bites. The easiest way to tell spiders apart is by comparing them with pictures from albums and learning the features specific to each species or variety. Lots of doctors recommend a minor surgical intervention in the tissue area affected by the venom, yet the excision could impair the recovery as such and may increase the risk of scarring. The curious fact is that lots of brown recluse spider bites have been reported in parts of America where this species does not live. Nevertheless, too tight a bandage may affect the correct blood flow in the area. A cold cloth pressed on the wound will reduced the swelling and the redness associated with spider bites in general. The immediate drug treatment of risky spider bites usually includes the administration of an anti-venom based on corticosteroids. It is this specificity that is actually responsible for the name of the species as such, but there are plenty of other features that make the black widow spider stand out. The most common color of this spider is dark brown or black with a red hourglass pattern on the body; the legs are hairy and the jaws seem very strong. 

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