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The bite of the same poisonous spiders may trigger different reactions in separate individuals, since personal sensitivity to the toxins in the venom matters a lot. In geographical areas where poisonous spiders are known to live, people often learn how to differentiate them from the non-toxic species that are frequently encountered around the house. The hobo spider is often found in homes or in their vicinity and though the general reputation of the species is that of high aggressiveness, these creatures are very unlikely to attack a human being. You can only be exposed to a hobo spider bite in case you accidentally crush one; the bite is pretty painful due to the toxicity of the hobo spider venom. The male camel spiders are smaller than the females, particularly since the latter will eat a lot before hatching. They need to accumulate some fat in order to be able to resist without food during the period when they have to guard the eggs. The easy way to distinguish between males and females is not just body size, but also the length of the articulated feet. One common way to detect the presence of the brown widow spider is by identifying its egg sac. This is a peculiarity of the species, completely different from that of other widow spiders. The surface of the sac is full of pointed projections that make it resemble to a fluffy little ball. In case you notice such a white globe sticking out from a hidden corner, then you can be sure you've come across a brown widow spider nest. Many of the ointments prescribed for the alleviation of the pain caused by a spider bite are often ineffectual. Reactions to spider venom vary from one person to another, and the same rule stays valid for the treatment, which is why a remedy that has worked for a person is not necessarily going to be the perfect choice for another. Unlike most of its brothers, the wolf spider prefers to remain on the ground where it hunts at night; there is no web and no sign that would let you know where you'll find a specimen since the wolf spider desperately tries to stay out of the humans' way. In some parts of the world it is mistaken for the brown recluse spider that is highly venomous, but for the knowledgeable eye the absence of the violin shape of the brown recluse species speaks for itself. 

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