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Genifer, the Adorable Trained Jumping Spider gives High Five

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The only distinct element of the male funnel web spider is a swelling on the second leg and the spinnerets located at the end of the abdomen. The female funnel web spider lives very isolated, it remains in the burrow for almost its entire life; males are the ones that go out to hunt and find mates particularly in summer and autumn months. In its natural habitat the species prefers rotten tree bark as the favorite place to make the nest, but it is also found in alls sorts of house corners. The only habitat specificities that matter are retreat and low moisture levels. Brown recluse spiders are not dangerous or aggressive; the only cases of bites occur when these creatures somehow get tangled in clothes, towels or even bed sheets. There are several other varieties related to the black widow spider; they live in South Africa and Australia, and the major difference from the North American black one is of color: they are red and brown. Even in North America there are three different types of the black widow spider and their classification is made according to the geographical area where they live: there is the northern black widow, the southern black widow and the western black widow; thus the species is widely spread from the south of Canada to Mexico. It all depends on the body part where you've been bitten; when the spider bites occur on the arm or the leg, tie a bandage right above the bite so as to prevent the spreading of the venom. Nevertheless, too tight a bandage may affect the correct blood flow in the area. A cold cloth pressed on the wound will reduced the swelling and the redness associated with spider bites in general. The severest form that a brown recluse spider bite can get is that of necrosis when the deep tissues are affected and get gangrenous; the venom actually destroys the soft tissue, the area heals very slowly and scarring is inevitable. A brown recluse spider bite gets painful and itchy within two up to eight hours from the incident. In North America for instance, poisonous spider identification is a thumb rule for anyone living close to such creatures; there are not too many species of the kind, hence, once you learn how to set them apart you can relax and feel a lot safer. House species are the first to require proper spider identification since they are the first we come into contact with, and, on certain occasions, it is pretty difficulty to tell them apart. 

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