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Th color of the brown recluse spiders goes from tan to dark brown, and sometimes there may be an intense yellow pattern on the body too. The bite of the brown recluse spiders is likely to cause a whole range of symptoms at the skin level known as loxocelism, and the greatest risk they involve is that of necrosis. The result of such a bite is known as loxoscelism, and it may appear in cutaneous and system manifestations. On a regular basis there should be no necrosis associated with a brown recluse spider bite, yet, some people are exposed to systemic reactions. The most risky of situtations have been registered in the case of children under seven, who have been bitten by this insect; an equally high risk is present with people that have a very fragile immune system. They need to accumulate some fat in order to be able to resist without food during the period when they have to guard the eggs. The easy way to distinguish between males and females is not just body size, but also the length of the articulated feet. One other peculiarity of the camel spiders consists in the presence of several pairs of eyes grouped on various body parts. One identification method used by scientists consists in checking how many pairs of eyes the species has; the brown recluse spider has only three pairs of eyes, unlike most other spiders that have four. Two eyes are located in a median position while the other four are placed on the sides of the body. There are other spiders which do not depend on webs for survival, and one famous example of such a species is the giant tarantula. Though they can produce silk threads, they are however hunting their prey down by using the ambush method. Extremely venomous and dangerous, tarantulas often make great pets for spiders lovers. Wearing some rubber gloves when cleaning up around the house will help you avoid being exposed to a direct contact with the brown widow spider. The hourglass mark specific to all widow spiders colored in yellow or orange remains a distinguishable characteristic on the bottom of the abdomen. The bite of the brown widow spider is pretty painful, causing a lot of trouble to the victim, yet, it is not even by far as serious or as toxic as that of the black widow. 

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