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Relatively smaller than the females, the male spiders of certain exotic species are indeed sacrificed for the perpetuation of their breed. Nevertheless, this is not a general rule as in most cases, both males and females survive the encounter. Well adapted to various living conditions spiders use great camouflages, and they even imitate other species for survival. Brown recluse spiders are also very special by the way they have the eyes located on the body. Unlike other spider species that have four pairs of eyes, brown recluse spiders have only three: one medianly located and the other two pairs lateral. If you suspect to have been bitten by such a spider, it is good to keep a close watch on how the condition of the affected area evolves. Moreover, it is also interesting to watch a fight between a scorpion and a camel spider, as the latter will most surely win in the majority of cases.As for the potential danger to humans, that does exist. Normally, a camel spider will not attack a human being, but if one gets accidentally bitten, the condition can become very painful indeed. The favorite pray of trapdoor spiders includes grasshoppers, moths, crickets, but they don't back off when it comes to having small birds and scorpions for their meals too. The size of trapdoor spiders is not larger than three centimeters for the body, with the females clearly dominating the males in this respect. The severest form that a brown recluse spider bite can get is that of necrosis when the deep tissues are affected and get gangrenous; the venom actually destroys the soft tissue, the area heals very slowly and scarring is inevitable. A brown recluse spider bite gets painful and itchy within two up to eight hours from the incident. Lots of doctors recommend a minor surgical intervention in the tissue area affected by the venom, yet the excision could impair the recovery as such and may increase the risk of scarring. The curious fact is that lots of brown recluse spider bites have been reported in parts of America where this species does not live. 

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