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The special thing about these creatures is the way the females carry the egg sacs with them, and once the eggs hatch, the siblings remain attached to their mothers' back until they are large enough to detach and start a life on their own. Without being venomous, the wolf spider bite can cause a bit of trouble for more sensitive people. Symptons of a Spider Bite Spider bite symptoms are often variable from one person to another depending on the sensitivity of the individual. Those people who have been the victims of a spider bite often need medical treatment in order to prevent a rapid deterioration of their health condition. Sometimes a spider bite can have very few local marks and it is only identified by the symptoms. Mating is dangerous for the funnel web spider as the females are very aggressive, this is why the male funnel web spiders have to hold them with the spurs on the second legs. For the protection of its eggs the female funnel web spider will bite fiercely, hence this is the period during which the chances of getting bitten are the highest. The common prey of the hobo spider includes carpet beetles, earwigs, houseflies and silverfish. The hunting habits are the same regardless of whether we are talking about the hobo spiders that live indoors or out in the fields, gardens and hedges. The worst consequence of a hobo spider bite is the death of the tissue or necrosis; it is due to such a risk that the general opinion considers the hobo spider highly dangerous. Since the favorite habitat of the huntsman spider is the forest, in many parts of the world it is known as the wood spider. The huntsman spider is easy to be taken for a tarantula, but it is harmless to humans; it never bites unless provoked, and the wound is superficial and healing in just a couple of days. The camel spider is even falsely called a spider, since the species is cataloged under a different name in the zoological categories. More likel scorpions, the camel spider is part of an arachnid order known as the solifugae; they live in arid hot climates, including deserts from both the Northern and the Southern hemispheres. 

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