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Lots of doctors recommend a minor surgical intervention in the tissue area affected by the venom, yet the excision could impair the recovery as such and may increase the risk of scarring. The curious fact is that lots of brown recluse spider bites have been reported in parts of America where this species does not live. Unlike most other spiders that grow in our homes, the brown recluse spider does not weave a web, but creates an apparently disordered thread shelter. This species likes to live undisturbed in quiet places like the cellar, the garage, sheds and other locations that are neither too humid nor too bright. The specificity of the hobo spider is related to the way it weaves its web: the funnel-shaped nest is the perfect structure to wait for prey in. The hobo spider is often found in homes or in their vicinity and though the general reputation of the species is that of high aggressiveness, these creatures are very unlikely to attack a human being. In terms of toxicity, the black widow spider has one of the most potent venoms in the animal world: it is actually fifteen times stronger than that of the rattlesnake for instance. It also surpasses the cobra and the coral snake in the effectiveness of the poison. Though death is not usually the outcome of a black widow bite, some dozens of cases have been reported over the last decades only in the United States. The most risky of situtations have been registered in the case of children under seven, who have been bitten by this insect; an equally high risk is present with people that have a very fragile immune system. The severest form that a brown recluse spider bite can get is that of necrosis when the deep tissues are affected and get gangrenous; the venom actually destroys the soft tissue, the area heals very slowly and scarring is inevitable. The male camel spiders are smaller than the females, particularly since the latter will eat a lot before hatching. They need to accumulate some fat in order to be able to resist without food during the period when they have to guard the eggs. The easy way to distinguish between males and females is not just body size, but also the length of the articulated feet. 

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