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He has a black widow as a pet?

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The treatment for special spider bites can only be provided in professional medical institutions since the risk the victim faces in most such cases is necrosis. What is the first aid procedure in case of spider bites? It all depends on the body part where you've been bitten; when the spider bites occur on the arm or the leg, tie a bandage right above the bite so as to prevent the spreading of the venom. Fortunately, the latter are far more numerous than the former, as poisonous spiders are spread only in certain globe areas, and sometimes they have warning features that sets them apart. In North America for instance, poisonous spider identification is a thumb rule for anyone living close to such creatures; there are not too many species of the kind, hence, once you learn how to set them apart you can relax and feel a lot safer. A clear example here is the distinct tangled web the black widow makes; yet, spiders also create webs for the protection of their nests. Placed above their home web, such silky defenses lower the vulnerability of spiders in front of aerial predators. There are other spiders which do not depend on webs for survival, and one famous example of such a species is the giant tarantula. The treatment of the hobo spider bite is common with any other procedure applied to puncture wounds; let the bite bleed so as to eliminate as much venom as possible and then clean it with some topical antiseptic. Even if the bite may be itchy, try not to scratch since you may cause an infection of the deep tissues; do not apply cold or hot packs on the hobo bite since such measures are likely to increase tissue damage. For the funnel web spider varieties that live in gardens, shrubs are the perfect place to make their nests. There is plenty of room to make the silk lines for their burrow: these threads help the spiders catch their prey, but they also make a great warning means that signal danger or the presence of mates. Moreover, brown recluse spiders are very likely to be found behind paintings or under desks and tables. Brown recluse spiders are also very special by the way they have the eyes located on the body. Unlike other spider species that have four pairs of eyes, brown recluse spiders have only three: one medianly located and the other two pairs lateral. 

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