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Aloe vera, ice chips and antibiotics applied on the bite are thought to reduce the discomfort and speed up healing; yet, none of them is considered a 100% reliable remedy for hobo spider bites. The consequences of the exposure to the venom of hobo spiders are less serious than the bites of the brown recluse spider for instance. Brown recluse spiders are small, with an overall adult size that does not go beyond twelve millimeters; males are small then females, but they have slightly larger feet. Th color of the brown recluse spiders goes from tan to dark brown, and sometimes there may be an intense yellow pattern on the body too. In the majority of cases medical assistance is not necessary and a bag of ice placed on the bite will do. If discomfort does not cease, you should not postpone seeing a doctor. Although trapdoor spiders are not generally dangerous, some people may experience very strong reactions to the venom, like nausea, vomiting and headaches. When you see a brown recluse spider for the first time it is impossible not to notice how much it resembles a violin; it is actually known as the fiddle-back spider or the violin spider for the color pattern it has on the back and bottom areas. Though the color specific to the species is brown, there are yellow and black varieties too, nevertheless, these color patterns are not a general characteristic of the brown recluse spider. Protection measures need to be taken when working outside in areas where poisonous species live; thus, make sure you wear special gloves particularly if you spend some time around debris piles and wood piles for instance. Such crawl spaces are the favorite habitat of widow spiders for instance, and their threat should by no means be ignored or taken lightly. You may even find brown widow nests in buckets, mail boxes, entry corners, closets, garages and even in vegetation like shrubs and tree branches. Most bites occur when one accidentally stick their hands into such secluded areas and corners or when the spider gets pressed against the skin. Wearing some rubber gloves when cleaning up around the house will help you avoid being exposed to a direct contact with the brown widow spider. 

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