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Apparently, the Indian camel spiders can hunt down lizards by injecting them with venom and paralyzing their movements. One of the natural enemies of the camel spiders, the scorpions are very likely to lose a fight against this giant arachnid. Due to the extended size, the camel spiders are able to cut down the sting of the scorpion and make it harmless. The huntsman spider is also identified by its colors ranging from brown to gray; depending on the globe area where it is encountered, the species may present other specificities as well, such as hairy legs, as it is the case with the Badge Huntsman variety. Despite its diversity, all the huntsman spider specimens have eight eyes disposed on various parts of the body, and a good vision for the close and distant potential pray. The great thing about these creatures is that they have adapted to the harshest of environments from the desert and the tropics to the Arctic areas where they can live underwater. In terms of gender relationships, male spiders are famous for being killed right after intercourse, or at least this is the general myth people know. Typically hairy, the wolf spider can be brown or gray with all sorts of markings and lines on the back and the abdomen. The special thing about these creatures is the way the females carry the egg sacs with them, and once the eggs hatch, the siblings remain attached to their mothers' back until they are large enough to detach and start a life on their own. The bite of the same poisonous spiders may trigger different reactions in separate individuals, since personal sensitivity to the toxins in the venom matters a lot. In geographical areas where poisonous spiders are known to live, people often learn how to differentiate them from the non-toxic species that are frequently encountered around the house. Nevertheless, besides this self-treatment you should also seek professional medical health since brown recluse spider bites are not to be taken lightly. Other measures meant to improve the victim's condition include the elevation or the immobilization of the body part if the bite has been made on one of the limbs. 

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