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Nevertheless, there is one other element that clearly makes the recognition of the brown recluse spider possible. One identification method used by scientists consists in checking how many pairs of eyes the species has; the brown recluse spider has only three pairs of eyes, unlike most other spiders that have four. Even if hobo spiders live both on the American and the European continents, there is no difference in terms of physical specificity or venom composition. The treatment of the hobo spider bite is common with any other procedure applied to puncture wounds; let the bite bleed so as to eliminate as much venom as possible and then clean it with some topical antiseptic. The mating period of trapdoor spiders coincides with the wet season when the males get out searching for a mate. Like with other spider species, the female sometimes eats the male, but the latter often escapes being eaten and manages to mate with several females before dying. The siblings will not appear for a few months after intercourse, and they will remain protected in the female's burrow until they are old enough to disperse on the ground. Wearing some rubber gloves when cleaning up around the house will help you avoid being exposed to a direct contact with the brown widow spider. The hourglass mark specific to all widow spiders colored in yellow or orange remains a distinguishable characteristic on the bottom of the abdomen. The bite of the brown widow spider is pretty painful, causing a lot of trouble to the victim, yet, it is not even by far as serious or as toxic as that of the black widow. Nevertheless, besides this self-treatment you should also seek professional medical health since brown recluse spider bites are not to be taken lightly. Other measures meant to improve the victim's condition include the elevation or the immobilization of the body part if the bite has been made on one of the limbs. Without being venomous, the wolf spider bite can cause a bit of trouble for more sensitive people. A special feature of the wolf spider is the position of the eyes on the body; the four pairs are arranged in very unique ways, with four small eyes in a bottom row, two large ones placed in the middle and two middle-sized ones on the top row. 

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