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Like with other spider species, the female sometimes eats the male, but the latter often escapes being eaten and manages to mate with several females before dying. The siblings will not appear for a few months after intercourse, and they will remain protected in the female's burrow until they are old enough to disperse on the ground. Though the spider species in question is pretty common and not aggressive, sometimes, their venom has a great impact on the system triggering a very violent response not only at the skin level but in the deep body structures as well. How can one treat brown recluse spider bites? In order to control inflammation, you should apply some ice on the bite; aloe vera ointment or fresh aloe juice could also help you soothe the pain or the itching. The most common color of this spider is dark brown or black with a red hourglass pattern on the body; the legs are hairy and the jaws seem very strong. There are several other varieties related to the black widow spider; they live in South Africa and Australia, and the major difference from the North American black one is of color: they are red and brown. Brown Recluse Spider Bite Given the lack of aggressive behavior of the species in general, the brown recluse spider bite should be a trifle. Yet, things are not that simple since a mere exposure to the venom of this spider can trigger a whole range of very unpleasant reactions. As it seldom happens for a person to suffer from a brown recluse spider bite, many doctors have difficulties in diagnosing certain symptoms that accompany it, very often such a bite can be even taken for a staphylococcus skin infection that is very similar in manifestation and symptoms. Unlike most other spiders that grow in our homes, the brown recluse spider does not weave a web, but creates an apparently disordered thread shelter. This species likes to live undisturbed in quiet places like the cellar, the garage, sheds and other locations that are neither too humid nor too bright. Th color of the brown recluse spiders goes from tan to dark brown, and sometimes there may be an intense yellow pattern on the body too. The bite of the brown recluse spiders is likely to cause a whole range of symptoms at the skin level known as loxocelism, and the greatest risk they involve is that of necrosis. 

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