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As for the potential danger to humans, that does exist. Normally, a camel spider will not attack a human being, but if one gets accidentally bitten, the condition can become very painful indeed. However, the bite is not as serious as that of a tarantula for instance, since the camel spider has no venom to inject. Though it is widely spread in the United States, this species often proves difficult to identify because of its variable color. Thus, you may find brown widow spider specimens in a variety of colors from light tan to dark brown; moreover, all sorts of markings decorate their bodies making them all the more unique. In the majority of cases medical assistance is not necessary and a bag of ice placed on the bite will do. If discomfort does not cease, you should not postpone seeing a doctor. Although trapdoor spiders are not generally dangerous, some people may experience very strong reactions to the venom, like nausea, vomiting and headaches. The only habitat specificities that matter are retreat and low moisture levels. Brown recluse spiders are not dangerous or aggressive; the only cases of bites occur when these creatures somehow get tangled in clothes, towels or even bed sheets. It is actually very likely to take a skin infection with a staphylococcus for a brown recluse spider bite, hence it is good to know that such injuries are rare and accidental. Mating is dangerous for the funnel web spider as the females are very aggressive, this is why the male funnel web spiders have to hold them with the spurs on the second legs. For the protection of its eggs the female funnel web spider will bite fiercely, hence this is the period during which the chances of getting bitten are the highest. The special thing about these creatures is the way the females carry the egg sacs with them, and once the eggs hatch, the siblings remain attached to their mothers' back until they are large enough to detach and start a life on their own. Without being venomous, the wolf spider bite can cause a bit of trouble for more sensitive people. 

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