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Brown recluse spiders are small, with an overall adult size that does not go beyond twelve millimeters; males are small then females, but they have slightly larger feet. Th color of the brown recluse spiders goes from tan to dark brown, and sometimes there may be an intense yellow pattern on the body too. The worst consequence of a hobo spider bite is the death of the tissue or necrosis; it is due to such a risk that the general opinion considers the hobo spider highly dangerous. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that necrosis is very rare and almost accidental, since it appears in very special cases when the immune system of the victim is already impaired. Nevertheless, extreme attitudes towards poisonous spiders give rise to phobias and the urge to destroy their nests even in the wild. Keep in mind the fact that these creatures will not attack unless they feel threatened, as a human is no prey for their match. The harm the spider venom can inflict depends on the fierceness with which the spider will defend itself. Warmth and humidity make the perfect habitat for the funnel web spider, nevertheless, they also suffer from heavy rains that destroy their burrows. In the aftermath of such events, the funnel web spider redoubles its level of activity so as to get its life back on track. The size of the species varies from 1.5 to 4.5 centimeters for the body length; they are mono-color, dark brown usually, without any patterns at all. The bite of camel spiders represents no great threat to the general health condition, unless it gets infected. The only variety of venomous camel spiders grows in India, but research is pretty scarce in the field. Apparently, the Indian camel spiders can hunt down lizards by injecting them with venom and paralyzing their movements. House species are the first to require proper spider identification since they are the first we come into contact with, and, on certain occasions, it is pretty difficulty to tell them apart. This is the case with the house spider, the giant house spider and the hobo spider; they all live indoors, but only the latter is a real threat to humans, since its bite can cause necrosis. 

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